What is Deck Penetration in Blackjack?

What is Deck Penetration in Blackjack?

Many casino games are games of chance. You can’t do much to win them except make your bets and hope for the best. That’s part of what makes them so exciting. But there are some games, like Blackjack, that you can influence significantly with strategy and skill. The more you study blackjack strategies and the more you practice, the better you can get and the more you can tilt the odds in your favor. Many Blackjack players study the theory of deck penetration to help them make more informed choices at the table.

How Does Deck Penetration Work? 

Deck penetration is the term used to describe how deep the dealer goes into the deck when drawing cards to shuffle. Deck penetration is the amount of the cards that the dealer has cut off compared to the amount of cards left in the deck. The deeper the deck penetration, the more possibilities there are to draw the card you need to make a winning hand and the better the odds are in your favor. You determine the deck penetration by where the dealer places the cut card. The amount of penetration is usually measured in the number of decks that are not being used, both whole and in half.

Does Deck Penetration Really Matter? 

Deck penetration certainly matters in Blackjack. The number of cards that are in play significantly changes the odds – whether for or against you. With a higher number of cards, there are a higher number of possible plays. While that could mean that the dealer has more opportunities to win, it also means that you have more opportunities to get the cards you want. Higher deck penetration means you also have more information about what cards are possibly in play, which helps you to make a more informed strategy.

How to Use Deck Penetration to Your Advantage

The key to using deck penetration to your advantage is knowing which possible cards are available in every play. That means that you need to pay close attention to the cards that you are dealt, as well as any cards that you can see the other players and the dealer have been dealt. Calculate the odds every time a new card is about to be turned, and recalculate them with every new card that is shown. This will require extensive study of Blackjack strategies, including when to stand, hit, split, double down, and more. It will also require extensive study of the odds in these potential strategies.

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Author: Eric Coleman