What Does “Monkey” in Blackjack Mean?

What Does “Monkey” in Blackjack Mean?

Gambling comes with a lot of jargon. When you’re playing Blackjack, you’ll hear terms like “hit,” “stand,” “double down,” “split,” and more. Knowing these terms not only helps you to make better decisions about game play and betting, but it also helps you to feel more comfortable at the table and to feel more a part of the excitement. One term that often perplexes newcomers is “monkey.” Knowing what monkey in blackjack means can help you better ensconce yourself in the game.

Why Do They Say Monkey In Blackjack?

The term “monkey” in Blackjack typically refers to any face card (King, Queen, or Jack) or a ten. Players often shout “monkey” when hoping for a card with a value of 10 to be dealt next. This call is usually heard when someone needs a 10 to make a total of 21. Players will also often call it when the dealer shows a potential bust card, and players are hoping the dealer’s hidden card is a 10.

Where Does the Term Monkey In Blackjack Come From?

The exact origin of the term “monkey” in Blackjack is a bit hazy. One popular belief is that it came from Asian players in American casinos. In some Asian languages, a term used to describe a royal figure, like a king or queen, sounds similar to the English word “monkey.” As these are key cards in Blackjack, the term would be used often. Another theory suggests that the term is simply a playful way to refer to face cards and tens, since monkeys have a naturally mischievous nature.

Handling the Monkey Card In Blackjack

When playing Blackjack, getting a “monkey” can be key to your blackjack strategy and can significantly influence the game’s outcome. For players, getting a monkey is often advantageous, especially when it complements an ace for a natural Blackjack or otherwise helps to reach the winning total of 21. For the dealer, getting a monkey could make them win just like a player, or it could make them bust. Players often hope for a monkey in blackjack when the dealer’s up card is a bust candidate, like a 5 or 6, leading to the dealer getting more cards and exceeding 21, so that the players win their bets.

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Author: Eric Coleman