5 Best Things to Do in Northern California

5 Best Things to Do in Northern California

Southern California may be where all the Hollywood stars work and play, but it is by no means the most exciting location in the state. Northern California has some of the country’s most beautiful natural landscapes, and it has a vast array of activities for all to enjoy. If you are planning a trip to Northern California, consider these five best things to do:

Redwoods National and State Parks

The Redwoods National Forest is the northernmost state park in California, and it is where you can see the famous redwoods enshrined in song and American lore. These towering trees provide a canopy for diverse wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and a large selection of plants.

This is just one of many state parks in Northern California. You can get lost in the beautiful wildlife that the region has to offer. If you’re feeling brave, drive down to the Sequoia Park Zoo and take the Redwoods Sky Walk.

Explore the Coasts

Northern California has some of the most beautiful beaches along the Pacific Coast. Explore the coasts to enjoy beautiful horizons, and watch for whales and other marine life. Swim in the crisp waters, or try your hand at catching fresh fish and other seafood. Northern California coasts are also home to wineries, former logging towns, the Headwaters Forest Reserve, and more. If you’re up for more intense activity, check out the Lost Coast Trail, which stretches nearly 25 miles from Mattole to Black Sands Beach.

Six Rivers National Forest

You can also see the beautiful redwoods in the Six Rivers National Forest, which also features whitewater rafting, kayaking, fishing, and camping. You can enjoy beautiful views of majestic mountains while you hike, camp, or enjoy water sports. You can also spot lots of wildlife along the way, and look for rare ferns and other plant species.

Hike the Gorgeous Mountains

Northern California is home to numerous mountains. The Cascade Mountains run from British Columbia down into Northern California, featuring volcanic and non-volcanic mountains, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, climbing, and exploring wildlife. The Strawberry Mountains are also in Northern California, and this range includes the popular Strawberry Rock Trail. It’s a short, easy, 3-mile trail that ends in a stunning viewpoint that includes mountains, Redwood forests, and the ocean.

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Author: Eric Coleman